Short Documentary – Ray Ponce | A Different Perspective (2011)

Ray Ponce is inspirational and real. He works 6-8 hours a day singing outside of local markets and knows over 500 songs. He ISN’T homeless and the money he makes goes to staying off the streets.

Living in LA, you almost become numb to certain things. When I first saw Ray, I thought he was probably just another person begging for money. But the interesting thing was… he wasn’t asking for anything. He simply played his guitar off in a corner and was happy to receive any help from those passing by. I directed this piece to help share his story. Literally in 24 hours, it shot up to over 15,000 views and has continued to grow ever since. The comments it has received and lives it has touched has been utterly astounding.

If you would like to make a donation to Ray Ponce, please go here:

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